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Gold purchase: gold, silver and platinum bars

We buy gold bars, silver bars and platinum bars in every condition at. We also buy gold bars that have been scratched or removed from the foil without any problems. A gold bar mostly consists of 999 fine gold. We buy the gold in any form, as long as it is suitable for melting down. You can buy bars on site in one of our Buying points to sell.

Standard bars are metal bars with a high weight and high fineness. Must be on the bars fineness, the Brand of the manufacturer and the Bar number be stamped. The delicacy must be gold reach at least 995 at silver 999 and at platinum 999.5. The bar number is used to identify each bar and is registered in a directory by the producer. A standard gold bar with a fineness of 995 ‰ (“good delivery bar”) weighs 400 oz tr, or 12.44 kg.