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Gold purchase: gold, silver and platinum jewelry

Regardless of whether Gold jewelry, silver jewelry or Platinum jewelry - we buy every piece of jewelry regardless of its condition; So rings, chains, pendants, earrings, earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, brooches, etc.

The condition of the pieces is completely irrelevant for the valuation, only the gold content is important.

When buying jewelry from Gold, silver or platinum the material value, i.e. the gold content of the gold alloy, is assessed. When buying gold, it makes a difference whether it is 333 gold jewelry, 585 gold jewelry or 750 gold jewelry or even 900 gold jewelry. With the same weight, you get significantly more for 900 gold jewelry than for the other alloys, as the gold content is higher here. So it is worthwhile to sell jewelry that has gone out of fashion to Goldankauf Rieder.

Gemstones are usually removed during the assessment. Their weight is not included in the valuation. We buy diamonds in pieces of jewelry from 0.1 ct. and bill you for these separately.